[Scribus] [OT] how to deal with this postscript file?

Craig Ringer craig
Fri Oct 22 16:47:17 CEST 2004

On Fri, 2004-10-22 at 22:13, Zhang Weiwu wrote:
> ?? ? wrote:

> Okay, don't help me. I think I hate the DTP software and no longer 
> willing to solve the problem. I found this PS file is referring several 
> GIF files that the school's paper didn't sent to me. I wish I could scan 
> the published paper instead.
> And: is it allowed for PS file to refer to outside files? I never ever 
> seen this kind of PS file before.

If I recall correctly, that's what OPI comments are for. It's something
about making computers output the PS faster because they can rely on the
RIP having local access to the files. We don't use it here, and never
have, but I think that's what it is.


While most of those refer to substituting higher-quality versions of an
included image, it may be possible to omit the included image entirely
as well - I'm not sure.

Naming aside, it sounds like the folks you're dealing with have their
software set up very wrong if it's failing to embed fonts and
referencing images rather than including them. Telling them to disable
OPI and force their print driver to embed all fonts may well help.

I wanted to have a look at that file, but the server doesn't appear to
be responding to HTTP requests - access attempts time out. I've tried
from my local connection and my web server (a co-lo).

Craig Ringer

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