[Scribus] firt need, first try : questions !

Serge Smeesters perso
Thu Oct 21 16:44:59 CEST 2004


Please sorry for my bad english,

I'm a member of the www.BxLUG.be and I'm working on a
"post"(affiche in french) project.

I'm now try to use Scribus because the PDF need for printers.


(fichiers source Scribus)


The PDF for-print seem to be to "light"...
If relly need, why not only a gamma correction ?
Why this "shift" ?
Even the vectoriel black meshes begun lighter
I don't understand... :/

Can you help me to obtain a better PDF for-print,
with true black and nice colors...

About color managment, I don't understand where I should find the
qtmonitorprofiler :(

I'm using a Debian GNU/Linux Sarge syst?me and I've installed liblcms1
and liblcms-utils package but style no qtmonitorprofiler found on my

Very thanks if you can help us !

Finally, thanks, congratulations and others things I can't say in
english for Scribus ! Is a nice way for free software publishing !
If I can help...


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