[Scribus] svg import

Craig Bradney cbradney
Thu Oct 21 15:53:18 CEST 2004

On Thursday 21 October 2004 15:43, David Christian Berg wrote:
> Oh well, I'm giving up on Scribus again, for now. I'm hoping for 1.3 :)
> I have my svg wonderfully in scribus, but the export isn't quite all
> that nice, I don't know, how to change the color settings that the
> conversion from rgb to cmyk looks good, I don't see the objects
> gradients, that are off the object (you said so, but I couldn't find the
> gradient dialog).

Its not going to look good on screen in CMYK in any case. When you export with 
Printer destination it will look a bit bland onscreen as its CMYK. If its 
only for viewing onscreen, export with Screen destination.

> What really pissed me before I got this far is:
> everytime I create a new file, I have to switch all the prefs again.
> There is no "save this as default".

Change the prefs with no docs open. 

> I needed to create so many files, because my svg vanished. Every single
> time I move the cursor of the page while scaling I'm not scaling but
> moving the object... or something, but not what I expected.
> I don't see the boundingbox of the object, one it's of the page, so I
> have to first scale it small enough to fit on the page and then scale it
> up again.
> I can't find a transform dialog to place and scale my group by entering
> numbers....

Select it.. change the positions and sizes on the Properties palette.

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