[Scribus] imposition

Frank Cox melville.theatre
Sun Oct 17 07:03:33 CEST 2004

On Sun, 17 Oct 2004 04:29:53 +0300, Riku Leino (Tsoots) <foom at welho.com> wrote:
> Did this with your command using A5s to A2s. test.pdf is my original pdf
> and test-up.pdf is the one created by Multivalent with the command below:
> export CLASSPATH=./Multivalent.jar
> java tool.pdf.Impose -dim 2x2 -verbose -paper A2 in -layout
> 20r,1l,21r,40l,12r,9l,29r,32l,18r,3l,23r,38l,16r,5l,25r,36l,10r,11l,31r,30l,
> 2r,19l,39r,22l,6r,15l,35r,26l,4r,17l,37r,24l,13t,28l,8l,44l,27r,14l,34r,7l
> test.pdf

Gosh, that's the first time I've seen that work and do more than output "null".

Note that your commandline is different than mine in that you have an
extra "in" included; my commandline specified (according to the
documentation) 22x17 in, meaning 22inches by 17 inches.  Yours
actually says "A2 inches", but by gosh it works!

I just tried it using an extra in in the commandline, like this:

java -classpath ./Multivalent20040415.jar tool.pdf.Impose -dim 2x2
-verbose -paper 22x17in in -layout

And it works and appears to put my document on a 22x17 page just like I want it.

So it appears that I need an extra "in" in that commandline to make
the program run.


Note that both your command and mine ignore the -layout list.  The
imposed document starts at page 1 and goes through 2 3 4 5 and up to
the end, with no rotation.

So while it's a lot closer than I was before (it actually runs now)
the layout is non-existent.

Maybe I can fake that using that pdfjam script to to rotate and
re-arrange the pdf pages first, then this Multivalent thing to do the
actual imposition.

I'm a lot further ahead now than I was earlier, though, because
Multivalent actually runs.

> With big pdf files I noticed it had some problems with memory. You could
> try if this helps:
> java -Xmx256M -classpath Multi...

I have 1GB of ram in this computer, and there is 1.5GB in the machine
that this job is (eventually) intended to run on.

> I'm using Sun's jre 1.5 (or 5.0 however it should be called)

1.5?  I have j2re-1_4_2_05-linux-i586.rpm which I just downloaded from
java.sun.com a couple of days ago.  I had the _04 version until I
started this joyride with Multivalent; updated the java version to
what appears to be the latest to see if the program would run then. 
Didn't help, though.

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