[Scribus] digital printing with pruned (?) pictures

fredd effediwhy
Fri Oct 15 15:22:40 CEST 2004

> 2. Create a larger document, say 2 cm larger on each side as to have
> enough room to draw manually your crop marks. Select all elements
> from your actual document and paste them in the larger one. Position
> that in order to fit inside the crop marks and then enlarge any
> element that must "bleed" so they actually go over the edge of the
> page by 3 mm.

Furthermore, you have in the "samples" directory of scribus a script
called trait_de_coupe.py which can create crop marks around one
So you can create a empty text frame A4-sized, and make sure all your
objects fit in. Then select this text frame and run the script
trait_de_coupe.py using the script menu.

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