[Scribus] digital printing with pruned (?) pictures

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Fri Oct 15 15:02:54 CEST 2004

? (At) 12h47 +0200 15/10/04, Jan Ulrich Hasecke ?crivait (wrote) :
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>I have a layout with a colored area going right until the edge of the
>page. In german it is called "?ber den beschnitt". A print shop said
>that I have to put these colored areas 3mm over the "beschnitt", so over
>the given format of the page. Thats pretty clear, they print on something
>creater than A4 and cut it afterwards.

Hi Jan,

"Bleed" is not supported yet.

There are two workarounds :
1. Leave your document as is and ask your printer to cut the job a 
little shorter.

If this is not possible:

2. Create a larger document, say 2 cm larger on each side as to have 
enough room to draw manually your crop marks. Select all elements 
from your actual document and paste them in the larger one. Position 
that in order to fit inside the crop marks and then enlarge any 
element that must "bleed" so they actually go over the edge of the 
page by 3 mm.



>How can I achieve this with scribus? There are no cropmarks and all pdfs
>seems to be just DIN A4 when I export them.
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