[Scribus] Some thoughts about Scribus...

Wed Oct 13 11:47:38 CEST 2004

> I would like to have the option to make a smaller design and 
> put it on a 
> larger printing-sheet several times 
> (Druckbogen/Nutzen).Automatic cropmarks 
> would save some time here. The ability to use different 
> smaller pages on a 
> large one would be nice. For example, if you have different sorts of 
> businesscards. Also, it would be good, if you have a overview of the 
> printingsheet where you can flip and rotate the smaller 
> pages, depending on 
> what the printing office tells you...
> Saving this layout for later use should be possible.
> Cropmarks, Registrationmarks and so on for printing and exporting...

I'm sure it will be available in 1.3 devel series. I don't know the exact date
but it's on teh TODO list.

Daniel, don't be afraid of the new RFEs at bugs.scribus.net ;)


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