[Scribus] lists & border-art et al

Jeff scribus
Sun Oct 10 05:46:49 CEST 2004

Thanks.  With this info I was able to get going on a "trial" of a few 
pages for my program book.

Coming from MS Publisher, I immediately missed bulleted lists, and 
border-art.  Is there a way to get this kind of functionality in Scribus ?

Also, the lack of per-line interline spacing is a pain.  Doing it with 
styles is not very convenient.. I'd end up with hundreds of styles 
before the book was done.  I need a way to add spacing above or below 
each individual paragraph to get a good "look".

Another thing that would be helpful would be to able able vertically 
center text in a text frame.  For what it's worth, Quark 4 doesn't seem 
to have this either.

Publisher may be crude for some needs, but for some tasks it's great.   
You can make all your blocks snap together at the edges, and control 
alignment and margins from those edges.  Then you can move the edges 
after the fact.

Riku Leino (Tsoots) wrote:

> Jeff wrote:
>> I can't seem to find any way to make them appear on every page.  I 
>> tried saving as a template, them importing that template and 
>> specifying the new template when creating new pages.  Nothing seems 
>> to work.  How should this be done ?
> Create a page template. Edit->Templates. New. Give a name. Drag those 
> guides to the template page. Close the template. Now open a page 
> palette (Tools->Page Palette) and there drag the just created template 
> (it's name) to the document pages where you want those guides to 
> appear and that's it.

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