[Scribus] Help with linking text boxes from a python script.

Craig Ringer craig
Sat Oct 9 07:47:44 CEST 2004

On Sat, 2004-10-09 at 01:35, Luis Hurtiz wrote:

>        I want to automate the publication of a
> newspaper with a script in python

Me too :-) but our paper is just a tad too complex for scripted layout.
I'm looking at automating our classifieds layout though.

> I have seen it is
> quite possible but I am stuck with one problem how do
> I create text frames and link them with a script
> command ?, i have read the documentation and haven 't
> found a command that will do this, does this exist at
> all?..

CreateText() and LinkTextFrames(frameName1,frameName2)

> this is weird to form because the linking of text will
> be on another page and because the text "MUST" flow
> thru the entire publication, the text will be captured
> and save in separate files and extrated via the python
> script (no problem with this).

It is possible you will run into performance issues with this (bug
1036). I certainly did. I also ran into some really weird issues with
setting paragraph styles automatically on text frames with linked text
(haven't filed a bug on that yet).

> I repeat my question: is it possible to link text
> boxes from a python script?...

Definitely, as above.

Craig Ringer

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