[Scribus] Help with linking text boxes from a python script.

Luis Hurtiz hurtiz
Fri Oct 8 19:35:34 CEST 2004


       I want to automate the publication of a
newspaper with a script in python, I have seen it is
quite possible but I am stuck with one problem how do
I create text frames and link them with a script
command ?, i have read the documentation and haven 't
found a command that will do this, does this exist at

        This is so my need because I want to make a
special formation for a RIP in an 8 letter design, so
that the photomecanics don't have to cut each letter
negative and format them, but instead I want them to
burn the whole plate at once, when you make the dummy
for this it will end up with a rather weird
configuration of pages, for example for two negatives
formation for this type of arrangement the result is
this for the first negative:

|        |         |         |          |
|        |         |         |          |
| page   |  page   |  page   |   page   |
|  17    |   16    |     9   |    24    |
|        |         |         |          |
|        |         |         |          |
|        |         |         |          |
| page   |  page   | page    |  page    |
|        |         |         |          |
|  32    |    1    |     8   |   25     |

this is weird to form because the linking of text will
be on another page and because the text "MUST" flow
thru the entire publication, the text will be captured
and save in separate files and extrated via the python
script (no problem with this). also the pages 17, 16,
9 and 24 in this example have to be rotated 180
degrees, I have seen this is not an issue with scribus
and the scripter also.

The publication itself is really easy it doesn't need
a lot of fonts (actually only 2) so importing of
complex text is not an issue, what I want to achieve
is automation for this publication it is published
twice a week and consists of approximately 112 pages,
I repeat my question: is it possible to link text
boxes from a python script?...

The folks here use pagemaker 7.0 but it is a mess to
try this formation because of text flowing problems
and the lack of a script language, add to the mess the
need to include a bunch of images, but with scribus so
far as I can see all this is easy to acomplish giving
the chance that you can link the text frames.


thanks in advance.

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