[Scribus] Problem with export to PDF

Michele mfrance
Thu Oct 7 14:54:24 CEST 2004

Alle 00:09, gioved? 7 ottobre 2004, Helmut Kauer ha scritto:
> Hallo,
> if i expot to PDF, then i get a pdf-file. I can open and print. But
> when i (or a friend without Linux and scribus)will copy the text to
> a editor, then i have many empty placis in the words.

In the last days I looked at the pdf lib in Scribus: when font subsetting is 
used, it seems that the glyphs are embedded as lineart images and not as a 
font (a possible solution might be creating a type 3 font). This makes 
impossible to acorbat to recover the text string.
There are two other possible issues:
-AFAIK, the characters are exported as isolated text elements (I mean that the 
pdf command Tj is used to write a singe character at a time). This make more 
difficult for Acrobat to recover text strings.
-In the PDF Reference manual there's written that when using a truetype font 
no Encoding should be specified. Scribus instead specifies the Encoding (many 
encoding, indeed). The reference manual also suggest toUnicode CMap, to aid 
text string recovering.

I'm currently working at a truetype font subsetting routine to add to pdflib.
I think that a possible improvement in the pdflib could be both switching to 
unicode strings, CID font embedding, and, possibly word or at least subword 
grouping of the strings to be rendered.

Please feedback your opinions!


> Example: Die Te ilne h m e r e rw arte n k e ine n Luxus und w e rde
> n zum ?be rw ie ge nde n Te il m it Is om atte und Sch lafs ack aus
> ge s tatte t s e in. Dah e r m us s nich t f?r je de n e in Be tt
> be re its te h e n. Ein Sch lafplatz auf de m Sofa ode r de m Bode
> n is t aus re ich e nd. (Die Teilnehmer erwarten keinen Luxus und
> werden zum ?berwiegenden Teil mit Isomatte ...)
> I can see this when i mark the text in pdf. There is no continus
> color. If i print with cups to pdf, then all is ok.
> Is this a bug?
> Helmut

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