[Scribus] Re: PDF resolution issue

Robbie Pickering drymartini
Mon Oct 4 19:32:55 CEST 2004

Craig Ringer wrote:

>Scribus currently rasterises PDFs placed on the pages when it outputs a
>new PDF. As a result, instead of drawing instructions your document
>contains images, making it both larger and lower quality. 
>Direct embedding of PDF in PDF is not currently supported - my
>understanding is that it's quite hard, too. I'm not aware of _anything_
>else that can do it, in fact. Acrobat can insert pages from one PDF into
>another, but I don't think even Acrobat 6 Pro can place one PDF onto a
>region of another PDF.

Just for the record, pdfTeX can do this, as can various imposition
programs (the ones which don't cheat and internally convert stuff back
to PostScript).

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