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Petr Vaněk petr
Sat Oct 2 17:22:59 CEST 2004

On Saturday 02 of October 2004 14:46, Henry Hartley wrote:
> My little calendar script is here:
> http://www.dotrose.com/misc/computer/cal-tabloid.py
> There are a couple things you might want to change before you use it. 
> There is a variable called "copyrightNotice", the value of which will be
> printed at the bottom of each page.  I've left it blank so if you don't
> change it you don't get my copyright notice.  You also might want to change
> the font used.  Just put the font name in the FontName variable.  Be aware
> that different fonts are different sizes overall and some fonts may require
> size adjustments to make things fit in the spaces I've provided.

it's cool script - the calendar is classic piece and quite configurable. I'll 
use it (propably) for the year to come ;)
I've got two suggestions for you:
1) your script runs for a while - you can use Progress Bar to give feedback to 
the user - see:
esp. StatusMessage("string"), ProgressReset(), ProgressTotal(number), 

2) You can use the (brand new) procedure 
string = ValueDialog(caption, message [,defaultvalue]) from new 1.2.1cvs to 
get user feedback e.g.
copyrightNotice = ValueDialog('Henry's Calendar', 'Type the text to be 
displayed on all pages...', '(c) myprinting company 2004')
but it will be available only for CVS users - or in 1.2.1 after release

you rules

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