[Scribus] Scribus Calendar Script

Henry Hartley henryhartley
Fri Oct 1 17:51:00 CEST 2004

I needed to create a wall calendar and decided that this would be a good
time to give Scribus a workout.  Naturally I didn't want to create all the
calendar pages manually so I looked into the scripting capabilities.  Now, I
should say that I'm not particularly familiar with Python although I do a
fair amount of programming (Perl and PHP mostly).  I found the Calendar.py
script in the samples and with a little trial and error (mostly error)
modified it to create a new 11" x 17" document and then create the 12
monthly pages with empty image elements ready for pictures and the calendar
portions with all the correct numbering, etc.  This gave me a good base
document to which I was able to add images and all the customized pieces.
The script certainly saved me a lot of work.

I'm just putting a few finishing touches on the script but wanted to know
what the policy is on sharing scripts.  I know that sharing is not a problem
but wanted to know if this script is something that people would want?  Is
there some central "script repository" where it could go?  (I admit, I
didn't look all that hard but didn't see anything at scribus.org.uk)  Would
this be a useful addition to the sample scripts?

I also had a few ideas for making it even more "general purpose".
Specifically, I thought it might be nice to have a parameter that specifies
the paper size, then have all the other coordinates and dimensions change to
reflect that.  I wanted a tabloid size document but there is no reason the
same script couldn't make an A3 (or any other size) document.

Thoughts or suggestions?


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