[Scribus] Keep up the good work!

Craig Bradney cbradney
Fri May 28 23:07:54 CEST 2004

On Fri, 2004-05-28 at 22:58, Kevin Walzer wrote:
> Dear Scribus team,
> I'm coming back to Scribus at v. 1.1.6 after trying it at v. 
> 1.1.4--really great improvements! The color mixing is a huge step 
> forward and makes working with the program a lot easier. The property 
> editing tools make text editing a lot easier too. The program seems to 
> run a bit snappier on OS X under Fink than it used to, but that may be 
> just my increased comfort level.
> A writer for NewsForge queried a publisher's mailing list that I 
> subscribe to about publishers that use open source software, and I put 
> in several good words for Scribus. She said the article will run 
> sometime in June. If she uses anything I mention to her in the article, 
> I'll let the list know.

Interesting.. we will keep our eyes open for that one!

> Finally, I've put together a little application launcher (written in 
> Applescript) that allows you to drag and drop .sla files onto an icon 
> and launch Scribus under X11 on the Mac. I'm putting together a website 
> that will include this little app for download--the goal is just to 
> give Scribus slightly better integration with the Mac environment, 
> since my own skills with C++/Qt are too limited to allow me to do much 
> with a Mac port right now. (I modelled the little app launcher after 
> the launcher that OpenOffice.org uses, and also a Gimp launcher that 
> someone put together.) Is this something that the Scribus team would be 
> interested in making available for download from the Scribus site, or 
> at the very least putting up a link to my own site?

Yes.. please.. most definitely! Please email it to Peter at 
scribusdocs at atlantictechsolutions.com and he will get it online in the
downloads section.

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