[Scribus] Keep up the good work!

Kevin Walzer kevin
Fri May 28 22:58:39 CEST 2004

Dear Scribus team,

I'm coming back to Scribus at v. 1.1.6 after trying it at v. 
1.1.4--really great improvements! The color mixing is a huge step 
forward and makes working with the program a lot easier. The property 
editing tools make text editing a lot easier too. The program seems to 
run a bit snappier on OS X under Fink than it used to, but that may be 
just my increased comfort level.

A writer for NewsForge queried a publisher's mailing list that I 
subscribe to about publishers that use open source software, and I put 
in several good words for Scribus. She said the article will run 
sometime in June. If she uses anything I mention to her in the article, 
I'll let the list know.

Finally, I've put together a little application launcher (written in 
Applescript) that allows you to drag and drop .sla files onto an icon 
and launch Scribus under X11 on the Mac. I'm putting together a website 
that will include this little app for download--the goal is just to 
give Scribus slightly better integration with the Mac environment, 
since my own skills with C++/Qt are too limited to allow me to do much 
with a Mac port right now. (I modelled the little app launcher after 
the launcher that OpenOffice.org uses, and also a Gimp launcher that 
someone put together.) Is this something that the Scribus team would be 
interested in making available for download from the Scribus site, or 
at the very least putting up a link to my own site?

Anyway--keep up the good work!


Kevin Walzer, Ph.D.
WordTech Communications--A New Paradigm of Poetry

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