[Scribus] Colliding Item Names was "my first project with scribus--problems"

Carol Kankelborg cckborg1
Thu May 27 20:04:09 CEST 2004

I came across this problem on my CD jewel case insert project.  I thought it showed up when
I duplicated a text box (or perhaps a group of text boxes or a group of text boxes and an image
box).  I tried to recreate it but failed.

I did, however, discover that if you give an item a name instead of the one generated by Scribus,
e.g. "Text Box 1" then duplicate it which creates "Copy of Text Box 1" then duplicate it again,
it names the second one "Copy of Text Box 1" also.  The "X,Y,Z" panel of the Properties dialog
warns you that that name is taken and to choose another.  Is this a known problem?

At 17:58 +0200 5/27/04, Eilert wrote:
>Hi Shawn,
>>However, the one major problem I ran into: for some
>>reason, sribus would make copies of the paragraph
>>styles. It made about 200 of them and slowed down my
>200 is quite a lot, but I know the problem. Here I sometimes find 4 or 5 of them, surprisingly they are not copies of a random sort of styles but copies of one specific style.
>I once had the impression it happened when you kill a frame with text by Strg-X and make new ones. Then I thought it happened when you have a text frame made up with styles and then load another text into the same frame.
>The other day, I made my monthly church newspaper with Scribus and suddenly found it had gone back a couple of steps on some elements - not all! I had changed a few minor things before, and some still were intact and some had got back in time - maybe there's even a time machine built in :-) Wouldn't that be the killer app everyone is looking for? :-))
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