[Scribus] my first project with scribus--problems

Eilert eilert-sprachen
Thu May 27 17:58:53 CEST 2004

Hi Shawn,

> However, the one major problem I ran into: for some
> reason, sribus would make copies of the paragraph
> styles. It made about 200 of them and slowed down my

200 is quite a lot, but I know the problem. Here I sometimes find 4 or 5 
of them, surprisingly they are not copies of a random sort of styles but 
copies of one specific style.

I once had the impression it happened when you kill a frame with text by 
Strg-X and make new ones. Then I thought it happened when you have a 
text frame made up with styles and then load another text into the same 

The other day, I made my monthly church newspaper with Scribus and 
suddenly found it had gone back a couple of steps on some elements - not 
all! I had changed a few minor things before, and some still were intact 
and some had got back in time - maybe there's even a time machine built 
in :-) Wouldn't that be the killer app everyone is looking for? :-))


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