[Scribus] my first project with scribus--problems

Shawn shelbydz87
Thu May 27 17:21:48 CEST 2004

I finished my first project with Scribus. It's a 40
page instruction booklet for my film school. I was
very pleased with how easy Scribus is to use. 

However, the one major problem I ran into: for some
reason, sribus would make copies of the paragraph
styles. It made about 200 of them and slowed down my
work considerably. I can't tell when it'd make them,
and I go in and delete them when I remembered. I think
that when I'd make an object and stick it in the scrap
book, it'd make a copy of the paragraph style. 

Other than that, the booklet turned out great! I can
post the pdf if people are interested, but it's 17mb.

. . .shawn

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