[Scribus] Font trouble on MDK10 official

Vladimir Zborowski vladimir
Thu May 27 08:10:27 CEST 2004

There is at least two rpms available for scribus 1.1.6, one on the 
edulinux website http://edulinux.org/scribus/RPMS/
and one in the club contribs of mandrake. They work fine for me (but I'm 
using Mdrk 10 community).
Did you already try them ?


Robert French wrote:

> Fellow Scribus Users,
>     I'm having trouble getting Scribus (1.1.6 & 1.1.5) to run on MDK10 
> official. This was not a graphical machine initially, I've installed 
> X, Qt, and some fonts myself to meet the scribus dependencies. When I 
> start scribus, I get the splash screen, and then it segfaults before 
> any text is displayed on the splash screen. I've looked at the core 
> dump in gdb, and it told me this:
> crashes at XftDrawSrcPicture () from /usr/X11R6/lib/libXft.so.2
>     Since scribus compiles with no errors, I'm assuming that there are 
> missing fonts or something? (Xft does deal with fonts, right?). My 
> knowledge of fonts and X11 is very limited, but I'm willing to read 
> whatever documentation I need to for scribus to work.
> Thank you,
> Robert French
> By the way, I think Scribus is a great alternative for people who are 
> tired of dealing with Quark's crap.
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