[Scribus] missing files problem when updating cvs

Sebastian Röder sebroeder
Wed May 26 21:29:24 CEST 2004


I just want to mention that I often get errors in make  -f Makefile.dist 
because of missing files (related to plugins), which can only be solved by 
downloading a fresh cvs. I`ve read the good idea to copy the cvs folder 
before I do an update, but the main problem - a not working cvs update is not 
solved. OK - that`s not a big problem and I don`t want to steal development 
time by critizising smaller disadvantiges, but since I use only a ISDN dial 
up connection, I would be very pleased, if the cvs update would work 
propperly again one day (the problem occeurs for two weeks or so).

Thanks in advance,

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