[Scribus] Tutorial and page numbers.

Craig Bradney cbradney
Mon May 24 01:56:05 CEST 2004

On Mon, 2004-05-24 at 01:28, John Culleton wrote:
> Well I have worked my way to page 12 of the 24 page tutorial 
> by Nyan Bhusan and I need to ask my first question about 
> the instructions in the tutorial. That means the tutorial 
> is excellent BTW. Usually I am lost long before this. 
>  I tried to put the page numbers on the left and right page  
> templates per the instructions. The instructions say 
> "Ctl+#" without the quotes of course. So I held down the Ctl 
> and the shift and keyed #. That put the # character there 
> in the text block for the footer.
> However when I insert e.g., page 2 in the document using the 
> template the # remains and there is no substitution of a 
> page number. 
> What am I missing? 

It means you are inserting the # character and not the page number. It
is a problem on various keyboard layouts. The best suggestion is choose
your favourite unused F key, eg F7 and reprogram the pagenumber insert
code to be that instead. 

Depending on your version, ie if its current CVS, go into
Settings->Keyboard Shortcuts..., or if its an old CVS or 1.1.6 or lower
then go into Edit->Preferences->General->Keyboard Shortcuts...

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