[Scribus] Scribus Tutorial

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Wed May 19 01:36:03 CEST 2004

Hi LL,

Thanks for the clue on Gimp in your previous message! I thought there 
was a trick I didn't get.

>for the record: the tutorial is done in oo.o since the original
>templates of *all* tutorials, including sodipodi, and the coming
>cinepaint, etc, are created by me in oo.o so had to standardize on that.
>repurposing, heavy text editing, word-processing, are important features
>while authoring the tutorial. this done best in a wordprocessor.

This is exactly what I thought. I also agree. It's a matter of 
getting the right tools do the right things... and keep everything to 
a certain level of simplicity as well. I am always a bit suspicious 
in front of a piece of software that "does it all"... (or tries to do 
it all...)

>  with
>the text finally ready, it is easier to flow it in scribus, which is
>what peter is doing.

I hope to get his file. It will help a lot.

>which makes me think, would be great to take the other tutorials and
>flow them thru scribus, too. this way, scribus becomes a great tool for
>authoring print and pdf versions of tutorials in the opensource

I deeply think Scribus is a fabulous work horse.

A few more words on your tutorial : as I am reading and translating 
it, I feel this is exactly what people need to get started with any 
software. A simple yet not simplist walk through, hands on, real 
world example, with easy to follow steps and a result in the end. Not 
only does it give the taste of Scribus, it also opens up doors. This 
is the way to built people's self-confidence!

Here, I work to get OpenSource software into the schools. We face so 
many people turning their backs on us... Only because they don't 
know. Only because they don't want to know. Now, would you believe I 
printed your turorial from the PDF and handed the resulting brochure 
to a school director saying proudly this was actually done with 
OpenSource software! The answer I got amazed me at first : "It looks 
professional. Now, tell me, what do these people do for a living"... 
Then, I started a private conference, talking about the community, 
the sharing values... It ended up with a totally new look at Linux 
from that director.

Another good reason (if at all necessary!) to translate it in French 
(in any language, I would say!).

Is Yug a name or does it mean God or Goddess?

Have a good day!



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