[Scribus] Scribus Feature Requests and Discussion

Jon Phillips jon
Fri May 21 10:05:38 CEST 2004

Hello Scribus folk,

I'm trying to use Scribus to layout my graduate project and am having
some difficulties and need some quidance and possibly might have some

Is there a way to open RTF or DOC, but rather than just open the
documents, link to it so that if changes are made, lets say by an
editor, then when the master Scribus file is opened, you are alerted
that the file has changed on disk and ask for an update. Also, it would
be important to use the styles/fonts from an RTF, DOC, or OOFFICE SXW
(really important!!!).

The reason this is needed is so that a Scribus file is not a behemoth
document that a single user uses only one at a time. Rather, Scribus
should have pluggable chunks of text and even graphics that designers
and editors can operate on independent of the master document, and when
changes are made on disk to linked files, then the user is prompted if
they want to update their linked files.

Maybe this is already implemented, but I can't find in my dev. copy of

Anyway, if there is anyway at least to support dynamic updating of RTF's
which contain style markup, or any plugins, this would be greatly
beneficial! I really want to have like 10 text files that other
individually maintain in CVS, and then one master Scribus document that
I can just hit update and the texts are changed in the master. This
would make design so much simpler!!! I think Quark and Indesign have
this implemented in a similar manner.

Keep up the great work!


PS: Please cc me on any replies.


Jon Phillips
Graduate Researcher
Visual Arts Department

PO BOX 948667

jon at rejon.org

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