[Scribus] bloat in file

David Christian Berg david.berg
Sun May 16 15:44:51 CEST 2004

Hi Craig, hi everybody

> What you are looking at is not actually bloat. This is the way that
> Scribus allows you to keep hyphenation across platforms and across
> languages. The paragraphs/words are broken up into their parts and are
> stored in such a way that the hyphenation can be faithfully reproduced
> in a non native Scribus, eg, English hyphenation reproduced in a Czech
> system. Scribus only stores the paragraphs this way if auto hyphenation
> is turned on or if you hyphenate the frame. This is not a bug.
> As for filing bugs, bugs.scribus.net is the place to do that.

As for this, I understand, what it is about, but isn't it a somewhat
strange way of a implementing hyphenation? Wouldn't it be easier, to
have a opening and closing tag for the paragraph (or when other changes
apply) and allow tags witin the enclosed text, while having angle
brackets encoded?
Thinking about something like that:

<ITEXT CAB="5" CCOLOR="VWI-blue 2" CSIZE="11" CSHADE2="100" CSCALE="100"
CSHADE="100" CSTYLE="0" CFONT="Perpetua Regular" CEXTRA="0"
This is a paragraph text with hy<hyp/>phenation &lt;well&gt;


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