[Scribus] pdf thru Scribus vs Quark 3.3

Craig Ringer craig
Sat May 15 06:01:08 CEST 2004

On Sat, 2004-05-15 at 06:21, Peter Linnell wrote:

> > Would I be luckier exporting as an eps file ?
> > 
> Possibly, but that is the automatic reaction of Quark users when faced
> with PDF issues :)


- PDF doesn't work.
-> Open PDF in Acrobat, save as EPS.
- EPS doesn't work.
-> Open PDF in Acrobat, save as TIFF.
-> import TIFF


The online edition is always several megabytes larger than it should be
because of clients who generate weird PDFs we're forced to rasterise to
print. A full A3 page that's a single TIFF is ... kinda large. Sadly,
getting clients to use our JobOptions is a neverending battle, as is
getting them to simply send PDF 1.3.

> It would be difficult to tell without looking at the files to compare. 
> If you have irc, look for me (mrdocs) on at #scribus on irc.freenode.net
> I have Quark 4 and 5 on a Mac here, along with Scribus.

You have Quark 4 working properly under Classic?

> I would ask your printer if they can accept PDF/X-3. Scribus will
> faithfully produce fully compliant PDF/X-3 files. This ensures the icc
> profiles are properly applied in the files.

Amusingly, our printer requires us NOT to use PDF/X-3, or at least not
to embed ICC profiles.

Craig Ringer

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