[Scribus] setting a bleed parameter

Atlantic Tech Solutions tech
Sat May 8 20:28:34 CEST 2004

See my comments in-line with Louis'. He is exactly correct on the

On Sat, 2004-05-08 at 14:09, Louis Desjardins wrote:
> Hi Ruth,
> Bleed is a missing feature so far, at least for 1.1.6. I am not aware 
> if this was introduced within the last CVSs. Anyway, if you didn't 
> find the feature, let's assume you don't have it.
> When your job is going to be trimmed to its intended format, and if 
> your page contains elements that are printed to the edge, there could 
> be a very "noisy" white strip without bleed, between the edge of the 
> page and the edge of the image(s). These 3mm of extra image will help 
> your printer achieve a perfect result. Remember that making up a page 
> in Scribus is all a matter of exactitude thanks to the computer. 
> Handling paper on a cutter is a mechanical operation and although 
> machinery can be very precise, with the help of laser guides, there 
> is always a need for this 3mm bleed. No matter how skilled is the 
> operator and how fancy is his cutter.
> On top of that, I would suggest you wouldn't set any text (or 
> sensitive element) over a 3mm margin on the page itself. Unless you 
> know what you're doing ;-) This is called the "safe area". On some 
> presses, it could even be wider.
> 2 scenarios can occur.
> 1. Leave your document as is. The printer will not be able to add 
> bleed to it and will print the document as is. When finishing, he 
> will do without bleed and will cut a little inside the crop marks to 
> achieve a nice job. You can discuss that with your printer. It all 
> depends on the layout and on your will to have a slightly smaller 
> document.

You can with a bit of work, fix this in PitStop Pro, which is a
pre-flighting, fixing plug-in for Acrobat. Pit Stop can also add missing
crop and registration marks to a PDF, as well as adjust the various
"boxes" defined in a PDF file. There are 5.
> If you can't live with scenario 1, you will need to go to plan B.
> 2. Make a longer and wider document in order to set it the way your 
> printer wants it, with bleed. I would suggest you precisely measure 
> the same amount of bleed all around your document because chances are 
> your printer will just center your pages in his imposition software. 
> You don't want your document off-centered.

I am writing an example of how to do this in Scribus. It takes a few
extra manual steps, but can be done reliably.
> By the way, bleed is an absolute need for Scribus to get in the 
> professional field. I am sure this feature will be implemented. It's 
> only a matter of time!

This is one of the high priorities to add to Scribus 1.3+
> hth ;-)
> Louis
> >   Hi,
> >i have a document which is being printed professionally, i'm about to generate
> >a pdf file for the printers.
> >
> >the printers have asked me to set a 3mm bleed on the document.
> >
> >I understand this to be set so that the images etc, especially those that are
> >intended to go right to edge of the page, will be extended by 3mm at the edge
> >of the page so that the printers have this as a margin of error for paper
> >placement (if that makes sense!!)
> >
> >i cannot see an option to do this, could someone help me please ?
> >
> >many thanks
> >
> >ruth

Thanks to Louis for his clear explanation.


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