[Scribus] setting a bleed parameter

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Sat May 8 20:09:11 CEST 2004

Hi Ruth,

Bleed is a missing feature so far, at least for 1.1.6. I am not aware 
if this was introduced within the last CVSs. Anyway, if you didn't 
find the feature, let's assume you don't have it.

When your job is going to be trimmed to its intended format, and if 
your page contains elements that are printed to the edge, there could 
be a very "noisy" white strip without bleed, between the edge of the 
page and the edge of the image(s). These 3mm of extra image will help 
your printer achieve a perfect result. Remember that making up a page 
in Scribus is all a matter of exactitude thanks to the computer. 
Handling paper on a cutter is a mechanical operation and although 
machinery can be very precise, with the help of laser guides, there 
is always a need for this 3mm bleed. No matter how skilled is the 
operator and how fancy is his cutter.

On top of that, I would suggest you wouldn't set any text (or 
sensitive element) over a 3mm margin on the page itself. Unless you 
know what you're doing ;-) This is called the "safe area". On some 
presses, it could even be wider.

2 scenarios can occur.

1. Leave your document as is. The printer will not be able to add 
bleed to it and will print the document as is. When finishing, he 
will do without bleed and will cut a little inside the crop marks to 
achieve a nice job. You can discuss that with your printer. It all 
depends on the layout and on your will to have a slightly smaller 

If you can't live with scenario 1, you will need to go to plan B.
2. Make a longer and wider document in order to set it the way your 
printer wants it, with bleed. I would suggest you precisely measure 
the same amount of bleed all around your document because chances are 
your printer will just center your pages in his imposition software. 
You don't want your document off-centered.

By the way, bleed is an absolute need for Scribus to get in the 
professional field. I am sure this feature will be implemented. It's 
only a matter of time!

hth ;-)


>   Hi,
>i have a document which is being printed professionally, i'm about to generate
>a pdf file for the printers.
>the printers have asked me to set a 3mm bleed on the document.
>I understand this to be set so that the images etc, especially those that are
>intended to go right to edge of the page, will be extended by 3mm at the edge
>of the page so that the printers have this as a margin of error for paper
>placement (if that makes sense!!)
>i cannot see an option to do this, could someone help me please ?
>many thanks
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