[Scribus] Translations and 1.2cvs

Kevin Donnelly kevin
Fri May 7 00:20:49 CEST 2004

On Thursday 06 May 2004 4:24 pm, Craig Bradney wrote:
> Scribus works with either po or ts. If you look in the dirs you will see
> both types of files. TS just seems to be easier to work with for more
> people. There was no decision to switch. Note, you can use kbabel with
> TS files. I have more recently done the en_GB translations and used
> kbabel with ts files as I find it easier to work with than Qt Linguist.

Yes, after the last run through with Linguist I will be using KBabel.  As 
regards the switch, I emailed Franz a couple of months ago about updating the 
Welsh translation, and he replied on 13 Feb:
"There is no .pot file anymore, instead there is a Scribus.pro file now.  Use 
"lupdate Scribus.pro" to generate a scribus.ts file in scribus/po.  This 
scribus.ts file is meant for Trolltech's Linguist as an input."
Perhaps wrongly, I took this to mean that using ts files was the new policy.

> Set your language in the Scribus.pro file at the end.
> Run lupdate Scribus.pro

Yes, OK - except you need to copy the existing ts file into that dir in order 
to have it updated ....

> I think it would be a good idea if we can auto generate a listing of
> string counts with number out of date for all the translations. Anyone
> know how?

Well if that's all you want, why not just count how many times the ts file 
equivalent of "fuzzy" occurs in each file?  But to do that you'd need to run 
lupdate centrally, as I suggested ...

> Other than that, I firmly believe that people must be downloading CVS to
> do translation updates because they MUST be testing their translations
> look/sounds right in a running Scribus after doing the translations.

Well, in a world where there is only one app to translate, this would be true, 
but (as with coding) you are usually trying to keep a number of plates 
spinning :-).  In many cases you already know that the bulk of the 
translation looks fine, so you are just tidying up the additional strings 
that have appeared, since they might as well be in the other language as in 
English.  Testing is certainly necessary, but I personally am not going to 
download the CVS for each translated app each night and build them just to 
see if the 3 strings I added yesterday look nice ...


Best wishes

Kevin Donnelly

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