[Scribus] Translations and 1.2cvs

Kevin Donnelly kevin
Thu May 6 15:49:13 CEST 2004

I've just installed the Debian package for Scribus on a new box, and it is 
1.2cvs.  When I opened it, the top menu bar is in English instead of Welsh, 
althought the rest of the app is in Welsh.  When I downloaded the cvs tree, 
and opened scribus.cy.ts, there are no fuzzies listed, ie apparently the 
translation is complete.

Is the menubar issue a Scribus issue, or does the translation in fact need to 
be updated?  If the latter, how are translators supposed to know about the 
new strings if they don't appear in the ts file?  Is there any system in 
Scribus development which periodically runs a script which will re-export all 
the program strings, check them against the existing translations, and log a 
fuzzy in the translation file if the string has been changed (a la KDE tree)?  
Or do the translators, apart from spending many hours translating, expected 
to have to download the latest CVS and run something themselves to extract 
new/changed strings (this would really NOT be translator-friendly)?

I suppose I'm just asking for some confirmation about the system for 
internationalising Scribus.  I don't remember any exchange of views about the 
change to ts/qm instead of po/mo, although that may have happened on a 
developer's list, and yet in my view the Qt translation tools are 
considerably inferior to existing po tools such as KBabel.

So can any of the developers tell me what the position is in regard to 
updating translations (assuming that the problem above is in fact a 
translation issue)?


Best wishes

Kevin Donnelly

www.kyfieithu.co.uk - Meddalwedd Rhydd yn Gymraeg

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