[Scribus] gnome errors

Bart Alberti bart
Mon May 3 06:01:13 CEST 2004

FYI it is shown on www.suse.com under date of April 17 that serious errors
exist in gnome especially in the upgrade from SuSE 9.0. gconf2 is corrupted
and will cause "irreversible" damage. Also gconf2 is messed up in SuSE 9.0
which I have found to my sorrow as that wrecked my desktop.
Also libtiff has a patch upgrade.

I trust Herr Sebastian R\"oder has the needed *-devel.rpm packages and is
able to compile. I have received messages that there is no problem in
general in SuSE 9.1 for compilation for which I am grateful. Gnome has
always been a problem and this news confirms my prejudices against it.

bart at solozone.com

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