[Scribus] Charset problems with Scribus

Fred Albrecht fred
Sat May 1 19:18:57 CEST 2004

Vladimir Zborowski wrote:
> Fred Albrecht wrote:
> Hi,
>> So onwards to the question :
>> Scribus supports Unicode. Unicode defines both "no break space" 
>> (U+00A0) and "narrow no break space" (U+202F). The first of those is 
>> also part of the Latin-1 (and Latin-9) charset. However, when I use it 
>> in a document, the resulting PDF displays it as a square (I haven't 
>> yet tried the second, not knowing whether a special font should be used).
>> Is there a way around this ? Is it a font issue (I currently use the 
>> Bistream Vera Sans font) ?
> I made a quick test, and yes, it seems to  be somehow a font issue : I 
> mean I got the same problem as you with Vera, but it worked fine with 
> Luxi Serif Regular (picked at random).

Damn :(

I was so confident that the Vera was a properly made font that I didn't 
really explore that option. Time for some testing. I'm making a test 
document with a large amount of fonts. I'll post the result here when 
I'm done.

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