[Scribus] Formatting Tags

Jan Lüdeke jan.luedeke
Wed Jun 30 11:53:07 CEST 2004


I don?t know if there is a system like this in scribus, but maybe you
are interested in my idea.

The scenario: I make a newsletter with a couple of authors and many
small text frames. The current sitation is, I have to copy any text
manually into the text frames and edit them there to the desired font
style etc. It would be great to manage it another way. My goal is to
give the authors a simple text file already filled with Tags in the
right order where they only have to fill in their text and I can import
this textfile as one big file and everything gets into the right place
with the right fonts etc.

Basically, my idea consists of two Tags. Tag 1 should direct the text to
the frame. Tag 2 defines the text style. 

Maybe something like this:


The whole text ("Headline" and "BlaBla...") would get exported to the
text frame named "FRAME". The Headline would get "STYLE1" (maybe Sans
Bold, 15 pt, just how you made the definition in Scribus) and the other
text gets "STYLE2" (for example Sans Roman, 12 pt).

I know that this is very basic, but I think there is no need to be more
specific, because every definition of text frames and the text styles
can be made in the dialogues in scribus, where the *real work* begins

It would be possible to standardize the writing among different authors
of texts and will make layouting much easier.

What do you think about this? Is it possible or is there an easier
possibility already implented in Scribus?

Thanks in advance


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