[Scribus] photo quality

Paul Chiorean jpeg
Sat Jun 26 20:27:38 CEST 2004

On Saturday, 26 June 2004 3:20, Craig Bradney wrote:
> These photos I get are usually a few mb large and up to 3000+ pixels
> wide, sometimes at 300DPI. As I live in Luxembourg now, I have to send
> the PDF from Scribus to the printers in Sydney so the size cant be too
> big. I resize in Gimp to the frame size I want and make sure DPI is at
> 300. Because the images are so large originally I still get excellent
> printed image quality after resaving as JPG. Sometimes I use PNG..
> rarely use TIFF.

You can get excellent results with JPEG pictures if you keep them at a decent 
compression/quality ratio; the colour information is the one that suffer most 
with compression, not the luminance (grey) channel. Images really don't need 
a resolution above 300 dpi, in most cases; the optimal should be 2 x LPI, 
where the LPI is usually 133-150 lpi, and 300 dpi should be ok for most 
layouts. More image information (read resolution) means extra time spent in 
the RIP-ing stage and just huge files with no noticeably extra quality.

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