[Scribus] color management

Chris Smith chris
Fri Jun 25 19:24:29 CEST 2004


My attempts at color management with photos on the Scribus page are not 
producing good results. Currently the closest screen to printer comparison 
exists with color management turned off. Whenever I apply the ICC profiles to 
the Scribus printing process the color of the photos are never close, usually 
they have a very strong orange cast. I don't have an ICC profile for the 
camera but have tested using a fallback such as the standard Adobe/Apple. I 
do have one for the monitor and for the printer, an HP Color LaserJet 3700, 
both an RGB and a CMYK one (I don't quite understand this). I don't expect a 
lot, in terms of photo quality, from the printer but thought I could get a 
closer color match than I currently do. I can only think that I'm doing 
something horribly wrong as, admittedly, I don't have a great grasp of this 
subject. Assistance much appreciated.



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