[Scribus] Is scribus slow?

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sat Jun 26 01:46:27 CEST 2004

Timo Springmann wrote:

>After playing with scribus for a few hours, I have two big impressions:
>powerful (I really like the pdf functions) and slow.
>I tested scribus on different machines (slowest is athlon xp1600+ with at 512
>MB ram) and it's really slow with larger textframes (i.e. 100x150mm) or
>bigger pictures. I tried different versions of scribus (1.1.7, different cvs
>debian packages and even self compiled versions). Moving these frames is
>really slow, editing text is no fun and when I switch to a different virtual
>screen and then back scribus needs a seconds until the page is drawn
>completly. This is happening in a document (size: DIN-A4) with only one page.
>I think this is getting worse when I have to do larger documents, isn't it?
>Now my question: is this only me (my version of scribus, my favour of linux,
>my machine, my life) or is this a known 'problem'?
I have to think that there is something wrong with your setup rather 
than Scribus.  Perhaps the slowness is your graphics card. I'm using an 
Athlon XP2500, 512MB RAM and screen updates take a small fraction of a 
second after moving an image or text frame.  My graphics card is a few 
years old -- a Voodoo 4 or 5.  I'm using a 1.2cvs Scribus that's a 
couple of weeks old, but 1.17, 1.16 both were about as fast.  I have 
seen some slowness in the past with multiple page linked text frames, 
but haven't done any such documents recently.

How does your computer do with the Gimp and image manipulation?


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