[Scribus] FAQ ? re: CVS

Chris Smith chris
Tue Jun 22 16:19:34 CEST 2004

In the FAQ section 'Compiling CVS' there is this statement:

"Build ID (start scribus, click help and about scribus) and the letters it 
shows under it. The letters stand for FreeType, CUPS, CMS and Tiff. If one is 
missing, it will display a * instead of a letter."

Which leads one to expect F-C-C-T and a * in place of any missing components 
yet I have never seen an F nor a * in its place, always just C-C-T.
I can watch it compile using Freetype2 so at this point I assume all is OK and 
that this doc is out-of-date (possibly freetype is a requirement now and no 
longer optional).

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