[Scribus] Good courses/reading material for Scribus

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Thu Jun 17 22:04:28 CEST 2004

Michael P. Hopcroft wrote:
> Does anyone know if there are good sources for either current-edition 
> Scruibus CDs or English-language books that teach how to use Scruibus? 
> I'm hoping to dual-boot my system and hope to get Scribus installed and 
> working on my system before I have to step back down to dial-up (My 
> sart-up busienss is havbing the usual difficulties one has when a 
> publishing company has no product to punlish because it's not rteady yet).
> Michael Hopcroft
> Michael Hopcroft press
> http://www.mphpress.com

Let me throw my two cents in here, acknowledging that there is nothing 
wrong with Peter's response.

The main thing you need to understand won't necessarily come from old or 
new documentation: DTP is not like wordprocessing, so you need to 
understand about DTP generically to be able to dive into Scribus.  DTP 
is about inserting page elements to create an end product with very 
precise control over where and how these elements appear on the page.

These elements may consist of text using high-resolution fonts, images, 
and other graphical elements (drawings of one sort or another). For 
those who do this professionally, having control over the actual printed 
colors is essential.

This is what drives the creation of a program like Scribus -- being able 
to see on the computer monitor exactly what your end product will look 
like, and being able to alter the characteristics as easily and quickly 
as possible.  So learning about Scribus is about learning what kinds of 
elements it can create or import, and then what options you have to 
manipulate them. In general, the GUI of Scribus is very straightforward.

Having an obsessive-compulsive personality is not a requirement but 
eliminates the questions about why various measurements and control 
features are so precise. Check the scribus website for links to 

Beyond that, I can only suggest the liberal use of the spell checker of 
your choice.

Greg Pittman

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