[Scribus] CVS build failures with --enable-debug

Craig Ringer craig
Sun Jun 6 19:52:34 CEST 2004

Hi folks

I'm running into a bit of an issue with current CVS - I seem unable to
build it with --enable-debug. The output from g++ is attached. 

System stats of note:

Red Hat FC1
gcc	3.3.2	(RH packaged version)
qt	3.2.3	(vanilla; via Konstruct)
kde	3.2.1	(vanilla; via Konstruct)

Yes, I realise I'm not 100% cutting edge, but I figure this should still
be pretty good.

It seems to be dying in the SVG import plugin, in:

../../../scribus/scribusXml.h:39: error: extra qualification
`ScriXmlDoc::' on member `SetFarbe' ignored
svgplugin.cpp: In member function `SVGPlug::SVGPlug(QWidget*,
ScribusApp*, QString)':

while building svgplugin.o . 

If I remove the qualification the compiler is complaining about (note:
blind guessing at C++), so that in scribusXml.cpp:

    QColor ScriXmlDoc::SetFarbe(ScribusDoc *doc, QString farbe, int


    QColor SetFarbe(ScribusDoc *doc, QString farbe, int shad);

Scribus seems to build OK. It looks like it's just complaining about
redundant information (the var is already known to be part of
ScriXmlDoc, so there's no need to say it again), but I'm not sure. Is
this something that needs to be changed in the main sources?

Craig Ringer
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