[Scribus] Your favorite CRT Monitor.

Craig Ringer craig
Thu Jun 3 11:43:12 CEST 2004

On Thu, 2004-06-03 at 10:24, Bart Alberti wrote:
> I believe, Mr ringer, that the Sony G520 has ceased to exist. or is it the
> G540? According to Maximum PC (ex-BOOT mag), which used to give it the
> highest rating, they have discontinued it. It used to $1600 or so and up. I
> know folks that have been trying to find it.

That's bad news. I knew they'd killed the G420 and lower in favour of
LCD displays, and that they were slowly dropping CRT production in
general. I hadn't realised they'd actually discontinued the G520 yet.


Oh well, all the more reason to take care of the nice G520 we have here

Craig Ringer

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