[Scribus] French characters on English Keyboard

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Fri Jul 30 02:57:54 CEST 2004

Pierre Abbat wrote:

>On Thursday 29 July 2004 00:08, Graham Monk wrote:
>>I need to generate some French text on a US English
>>keyboard, I have looked through some of the Archives
>>but no luck, is there a search function?
>>Can anyone give me a few pointers?
>I would suggest switching the keyboard layout. KDE and Gnome both allow you to 
>have multiple keyboard layouts.
>On KDE 3.1:
>Run Control Center (it's in Settings, or on the panel where it looks like a 
>terminal with a wrench). Go to Regional and Accessibility+Keyboard layout and 
>pick U.S. with deadkeys (not sure, I haven't tried that) or Dvorak (the one I 
>use). You can then type accented letters by hitting AltGr-accent and then the 
>letter. AltGr is the right Alt key (it is so labeled on a German keyboard).

The deadkeys works like this -- you have certain keys:

' " ~ ` ^

that do nothing at first when you press them. If you follow that with a 
space, it will type these normal characters. If you type ^ then the 
letter o you get ?. You can get many more than just French special 
letters, such as ? and ?. Now in Scribus I can get a c with a cedilla 
with ' and c, but here in Thunderbird it gives me ?, so you may find 
some individual program quirks.
If you're going to do a fair amount of typing with foreign language 
special characters, it's probably worth switching the keyboard (then 
switch back later because not easily being able to type ' will drive you 


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