[Scribus] Scribus Short Words - call for help

Wed Jul 28 12:43:11 CEST 2004

Hi Scrib.us.ers!

I'm glad I can introduce you the quite new plug-in for
Scribus based on the Scribus-vlna for Czechs. You may
remember some previous emails and threads in this list
about that problematics.
After long days cooperating with Maciej, Lukasz, and Owem
(see AUTHORS file) we are in the state:

You can download this pre-release at:
It's just source tarball because of the more small changes planned.
We will create binary packages for you after "stabilization" phase.

And now... I would like to have some feedback from you,
users, especialy the configuration. The large short words
definition is everything for this plugin. I would like 
to provide support for more languages of course.

Today it's ready to use with full translations for English, 
Czech, and Polish.

See short info at the URL above or docs in the package.

cheers and all the best

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