[Scribus] Setting linescreen when printing pdf file

Wayne Maeda iw
Tue Jul 27 23:29:20 CEST 2004

On Thursday 08 July 2004 04:07 pm, Wayne Maeda wrote:

> I'm trying to print out a tabloid size pdf file (created in Scribus) on a
> postscript printer but can't figure out how to set the linescreen. My
> graphics have to be printed out at 75 lpi or less. I'm using Adobe Acrobat
> (in Windows and Linux) to print from but there doesn't seem to be any way
> to set the linescreen. Is the linescreen set in the pdf file with Scribus?
> Has anyone done this?
> If the page were letter size, I could print it out on my printer by using 
> the command line. However, since it's a tabloid size page, I need to use an
> outside printer and outside computer (which runs Windows only).
>  I have access to Pagemaker ( I don't have Quark) but can't figure out how
> to load a pdf file. The documentation covers how to create a pdf file but
> not how to load one.
> What's the best way to print out a pdf file on Windows?
> Thanks,
> Wayne

Here's the final outcome of my story.

The print shop that I use does not take pdf files. I needed to submit camera 
ready artwork.  I use him because his prices are reasonable and he does good, 
fast work. I've been using him for about 10 years.

My document was an 8 page directory in tabloid size that I have printed out 
once a year about this time. Since I don't own a tabloid size printer, I had 
to take it to someone who does.  Unfortunately, they only ran Windows, which 
meant that I had to output my Scribus document as a pdf file; that was my 
choice anyway.  In previous years, I contructed my document in Corel Draw and 
since the windows printer has CD installed on it, there was no problem 
printing it out with the  proper linescreen.

Scribus did a great job of outputting to pdf. However, once I did get the pdf 
files, I encountered a problem of how to output them so that they would have 
the proper linescreen settings that the print shop requested. I tried 
Acrobat, Pagemaker, Photoshop, & CorelDraw. None of these could set the 
linescreen properly in the pdf files. Perhaps I didn't have the latest 
versions of these programs but I used what I had access to. 

With my print deadline approaching and no solution in sight, I was forced to 
go back to Windows and recontruct the entire document in Corel Draw. This was 
not too difficult because I already had the previous year's directory to work 
from; fill in the blanks with the new data, add new graphics, and correct the 

I was able to finish the morning of the deadline and the whole thing printed 
out fine. I would have loved to have used Scribus for this job but I guess 
I'll have to do more research. Perhaps Adobe Illustrator can handle the pdf 
files better.

Wayne Maeda
I'm glad it's over

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