[Scribus] News: PageStream 5 for Linux released.

Paul Tansom paul
Mon Jul 26 10:57:00 CEST 2004

** Paraplegic Racehorse <paraplegic_racehorse at myrealbox.com> [2004-07-26 04:45]:
> PageStream, originally created for the Atari ST (remember those? I still 
> use mine.), releases version for x86 Linux. See newsitem 
> http://www.osnews.com/comment.php?news_id=7789 for more + reference links.
> Curious to note that some of the commentary at OSNews indicates that the 
> previous version, 4.1, was also available for Linux. Can anyone verify this?
> Also, the PageStream web site ( http://www.grasshopperllc.com/ ) has 
> apparently not been updated across all pages to reflect the new version 
> number.
** end quote [Paraplegic Racehorse]

Yes it was, although I'm not sure whether it was classed as a final
release at any stage (it's a while since I was on the site). They were
selling the prerelease version and I think that included an automatic
upgrade to the final release when it was available. On my old Amiga I
used Page Plus, but I did get hold of a copy of Pagestream for the Amiga
a while back and was considering using it as a version upgrade to get a
Linux DTP package until I spotted Scribus. From a quick look at their
website updates log (which seems to have got thinner as the years
progressed, although this may be just update info rather than updates
themselves!) I suspect that the release candidates for the Linux version
culminated in a version 5 full release but not 4.1.

They also do a demo, which I have downloaded, but never got around to
trying - well the 4.1 series one, not the 5 which I've only just found
out about :-) There's an interesting mix of information about the
product for developers of add-ons, etc. on the site too. Interesting to
see that, although the Linux and Windows versions are first off the
mark, they still have Mac, Amiga 68k and even MorphOS coming soon! This
must be written by people who enjoy their work as well as earning a
living from it.

Whilst passing the subject, has anyone tried compiling/porting across to
MacOS X? I've not got my hands on a machine capable of it yet, but when
I do I'm hoping to use a good number of my favourite Linux apps on there
(I need the platform as I have a few customers that use it and need to
hook up to Linux servers - I'm also curious!).

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