[Scribus] applying template

BandiPat magicpage91
Fri Jul 23 05:38:19 CEST 2004

Bob Horvath wrote:
> OK, so I have been trying this for several nights in a row, and I am
> still clueless. I would like to use scribus to print labels, and see
> some templates for labels, but have no idea how to use them.  Can anyone
> nudge me in the right direction?
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
I believe most of those templates are your basic setup for labels. 
Open/load the template you want to use.  Each template is write 
protected, so you will need to save your work under a different name. 
If memory serves me, all of the labels are grouped on the page, so you 
will need to select the items on the page and choose "ungroup" from your 
menu to allow you to work with each label individually.  Remove any 
text, if there is any within the labels, and start typing your data.  If 
the labels are to be all for you as return labels, type the first label, 
copy and paste the contents to the rest.  Everything should be 
positioned correctly for most printers, but they work well on my 
HPDeskjet 960c.

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