[Scribus] cvs or debian = no CMS!?

Craig Bradney cbradney
Thu Jul 22 03:01:07 CEST 2004

On Thu, 2004-07-22 at 02:53, Daniel Andor wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm struggling to get lcms working.  I've tried both the source distribution 
> as well as the debian `cvs' package, but colour management appears to be 
> switched off.
> However, liblcms1 is clearly linked in (in both cases), and ltrace scribus 
> reveals that some CMS functions are indeed called on startup:
> cmsOpenProfileFromFile(0x0853de80, 0x083359c9, 0, 0, 10) = 0x086848b8
> cmsTakeProductDesc(0x086848b8, 0x083359c9, 0, 0, 10) = 0x400f35a0
> cmsGetDeviceClass(0x086848b8, 0xbffff230, 0, 0, 10) = 0x6d6e7472
> cmsCloseProfile(0x086848b8, 0xbffff230, 0, 0, 10) = 1
> [repeated 3 more times]
> But none of the CMS options are available!  What could be going wrong?  What 
> else can the functioning or nonfunctioning of CMS functions depend on?

You need to set the profiles directory in preferences, and then put
screen, printer profiles and an rgb input profile for images in that
dir. Restart Scribus.. :) then turn on colour management.

> Daniel, who would like to create press-ready PDFs...

Be careful.. many printers wont want profiles embedded anyway. Check
with them if you are printing at a print shop.

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