[Scribus] Setting linescreen when printing pdf file

Alastair M. Robinson blackfive
Wed Jul 21 19:00:59 CEST 2004

Hi Craig,

Craig Ringer wrote:

> Interesting thought. I know we have trouble when clients do this,
> though, because the RIP halftones the text exactly the same as the rest
> of the graphic - resulting in rough, burred text.

I've got away with this in the past - GhostScript doesn't halftone the 
text as long it really is pure black.  As long as colour-matching is 
disabled when the resulting image is used (so pure black remains pure 
black) it should be OK!

> I couldn't possibly guess what the effect will be at that printer, but I
> wouldn't be too surprised by a similar problem.

Perhaps - correct me if I'm wrong, though, but this started with the 
very specific requirement of someone wanting to print a Scribus-created 
PDF on a laser printer with a fairly coarse screen freqency for later 
reproduction.  If a laser printer can't print a pure black/white image 
without halftoning it further, then either the printer or its operator 
is broken!

> Can they print an EPS file? You could always see if GhostScript's
> pdf2epsf will do the job on your file, then supply them with an EPS to
> print. They could import it as a graphic into Quark or InDesign (or
> PageMaker, going by how they sound) and print it from there - that
> should work around the issue.

If they've got PageMaker (and I think it was mentioned that they have), 
then they should be able to place the PDF just like any other kind of image.

All the best,
Alastair M. Robinson

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