[Scribus] Setting linescreen when printing pdf file

Craig Ringer craig
Wed Jul 21 02:00:00 CEST 2004

On Tue, 2004-07-20 at 23:58, Alastair M. Robinson wrote:

> > I've used the Ghostscript commands successfully. Unfortunately, the printer 
> > that I take my jobs to runs only Windows and does not have Ghostscript.
> Just a thought - have you considered using GhostScript to RIP the file 
> yourself, and provide the printer with, say, a 600dpi B/W TIFF or BMP file?

Interesting thought. I know we have trouble when clients do this,
though, because the RIP halftones the text exactly the same as the rest
of the graphic - resulting in rough, burred text.

I couldn't possibly guess what the effect will be at that printer, but I
wouldn't be too surprised by a similar problem.

I'm inclined to agree with Wayne Maeda - if they can't print PDF, find
someone who can. After all, there's the time you waste trying to work
around their systems to consider, too. OTOH I don't know enough about
your situation - presumably you have your reasons.

Can they print an EPS file? You could always see if GhostScript's
pdf2epsf will do the job on your file, then supply them with an EPS to
print. They could import it as a graphic into Quark or InDesign (or
PageMaker, going by how they sound) and print it from there - that
should work around the issue.

Craig Ringer

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