[Scribus] printing pdf1.4 with transparency under linux / ghostscript

Craig Bradney cbradney
Wed Jul 21 18:15:07 CEST 2004


> I`ve finished my "masterpiece" - an event magazin from the "JugendMedienCamp 
> 2004" with Scribus. Since I have a laser printer here for some weeks, I 
> wanted to do a test print of the document until it is printed 300 times in a 
> printers office. Therefore I printed it with kprinter from acroread. It`s 
> fine, but I have a kind of logo with transparency over a background photo. 
> Unfortuntaly the transparent background of the logo is not 100% invisible at 
> the print (but it is on the screen - and in Scribus set to BG-colour "none"). 
> Then  checked it with WinXP / AcrobatReader 6 and the original driver for my 
> Brother HL 5140 and there everything is fine. Is this because of missing 
> features in the linux printer driver (I use the CUPS printing system) or can 
> this be solved somehow for Linux? The gradients from light gray th 
> transparent do not look fluent too - you can see "steps" from one gray to 
> another.

First question to ask.. where did you get the PPD for the driver from?
Grab the PPD from the manufacturers website, if one exists, possibly in
the Windows driver package and set up a printer using that new driver.
Once you have that working, lets see the result from there.

All the best.

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