[Scribus] Setting linescreen when printing pdf file

Wayne Maeda iw
Tue Jul 20 19:42:37 CEST 2004

On Tuesday 20 July 2004 05:58 am, Alastair M. Robinson wrote:

> Hi, Wayne
> > Subject:
> > I've used the Ghostscript commands successfully. Unfortunately, the
> > printer that I take my jobs to runs only Windows and does not have
> > Ghostscript.
> Just a thought - have you considered using GhostScript to RIP the file
> yourself, and provide the printer with, say, a 600dpi B/W TIFF or BMP file?

That's a possibility.

> Side note:  GhostScript is available for Windows and works well - we
> used it a work for years, pressing an inkjet reluctantly into
> rudimentary imagesetting services for a newspaper.

Unfortunately, the place I use to print from does not have Ghostscript 
installed and will not install it.


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